A first glance at the Flying Squirrel’s new ‘Richmond-centric’ ballpark

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Most squirrels find their homes in the trees, but here in Richmond, it’s at the Diamond, with renderings for the Flying Squirrels’ new baseball stadium recently released.

The 10,000-seat stadium is just one part of the large-scale, multi-billion dollar Diamond District development project, but it’s become one of the most valuable players. According to documents from the design team, the over-arching theme in terms of aesthetics is “Richmond-centric.”

Planners said they want the stadium to have an industrial, warehouse feel to it. That means guests can expect lots of brick and metal structures, which pay homage to the Richmond’s railway lineage.

To some, these renderings represent a stepping stone. Major League Baseball, who recently became tasked with overseeing Minor League teams like the Squirrels, said the Richmond team needed a new, renovated ballpark by 2025 in order to keep the Squirrels flying. Now, after years of “foul balls” and “strikes,” the vision is starting to come together.

It took a while for the City to find the right development teams for the job, but now a newly agreed upon deadline is set for 2026. As of the evening of Friday, March 29, 8News hasn’t heard back from developers, nor the City, about the big question of whether developers are on track to make that deadline. However, last year, leaders like mayor Levar Stoney said, “don’t fret.”

“I’m confident and optimistic the Flying Squirrels will be here for the long term,” Mayor Stoney said.

A new phase of the project is in the works. After combing through designs and documents, 8News is breaking down what Richmonders can expect.

Draped with canopies and cabanas, for the more chatty spectators, there will be a Beer Garden and a Party Terrace. Ticket holders will also have access to an indoor viewing space which will have lounges and spaces for socializing, plus an area for catered buffets and other food options.

Like most ballparks, there’s access to different tiered suites. One standout zone is the designated picnic area. One thing is for sure, there will be no shortage of food options for game attendees.

Guests who use wheelchairs or need other accessibility accommodations will have access to ramps leading to the dugouts and front seating zones.

With a clear vision now outlined, the process of sculpting it into a reality is just getting started.

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