Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 10 Spoilers: Will Maggie Suffer The Ulitmate Heartbreak Just As She’s Getting Back Into The Dating Game?

Maggie’s been fighting her feelings for a new guy since her divorce.

Will a horrible accident leave her heartbroken before she can make her next move?

Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 10 spoilers suggest a medical crisis could cause her to regret all the time she’s wasted being unready to date again after her divorce.

Maggie’s been unlucky in life and love for a while.

After meeting Ben during a mutual chemotherapy session, the two lost custody of the foster son they were about to adopt to his biological family, and the new baby they thought they were welcoming to the world instead turned out to be the return of her cancer.

With all that drama, it’s no wonder she and Ben had marital problems. I will always hate their split for the sake of drama, but it’s understandable considering all the stress they were under throughout their marriage.

Maggie’s finally moved on, but the spoiler video suggests that her love interest might not stick around — and not because he wants to leave, either.

According to an intense promo, Maggie and Loren’s helicopter will go down while flying back to Med. Not only will they land in an isolated field somewhere, but Loren will be critically injured.

Losing a love interest to death before you can express your true feelings is one of the most heartbreaking things that happens in TV land. It happens so much that it’s a tired TV trope at this point, even if it’s one with a serious message.

If things go the way they appear from the spoiler video, how much more will Maggie be able to take before she has a mental breakdown?

Maggie Lockwood is one of the strongest women at Gaffney Medical Center, but everyone has their breaking point, and she’s been struggling for a while.

Losing Loren could be the final straw, but let’s hope we don’t have to find out.

Chicago Med has this habit of creating medical miracles when the story demands it. Between OR 2.0 and the possibility of MacGyvering treatment for Loren’s injuries until the paramedics arrive, it’s likely he’ll survive.

If that happens, it could go down a predictable path where the near-loss scares Maggie into declaring her love for Loren and going full-speed ahead into the relationship.

Still, if Loren is seriously injured, that could create a riveting plot twist in which Maggie is now committed to a man who needs a lot of help, forcing her to reorganize her life and figure out how to make everything work.

A Brief Reminder of Who Loren Is

In addition to being Maggie’s latest love interest, Loren Johnson is a paramedic who helps transport emergency cases from a rural area upstate where there are no hospitals. 

He first appeared on Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 17, where he butted heads with Marcel over a little girl severely injured in a farming accident. Marcel thought the girl’s parents were negligent, while Loren understood the rural culture better and didn’t appreciate Marcel’s meddling.

While Loren was initially a minor character, he’s appeared more regularly on Chicago Med Season 9, and he and Maggie are attracted to each other. Maggie finally admitted it after another nurse wanted to date him, leaving fans eager to discover how their relationship would progress.

A serious accident is a terrible way for things to go! It would be too heartbreaking for viewers and Maggie. I refuse to believe Chicago Med would pull the rug out from under us like that, and I am holding out for a miracle!

Dr. Charles’ Case Causes Tension In The Hospital

[Note: This part of the article discusses attempted suicide.]

According to spoilers, Dr. Charles is poised to deal with one of the most moving mental health stories Chicago Med has ever had.

Tensions will rise after Dr. Charles begins delving into what was behind a patient’s attempted suicide. Stories about suicide are among the hardest to get right, but I trust Chicago Med more than most other shows.

From the beginning, this series took the time to include a psychiatrist in the cast of doctors, signaling an intention to treat mental health issues and practitioners seriously.

Chicago Med Season 9 has devoted a lot of time to exploring the darker side of psychiatry — could this be implicated in the patient’s suicide attempt?

Suicide is a complicated topic, and there’s usually not one definite cause. Instead, there are a ton of reasons that people might decide the best thing to do is end their lives.

Still, Daniel Charles‘ job is to try to untangle the complicated web of emotions, psychological causes, and physiological factors leading to someone attempting to take their own life.

The fact that it causes rising tension in the hospital suggests that some of those factors are related to the medical care the person received.

Peter and other board members might not want Charles to keep digging if it could open the hospital to a lawsuit.

We already know that Charles mistreated Riley when he was a teenager in need of psychiatric care. Liliana’s brother is also suing Riley, and Riley refused to settle out of court on Charles’ suggestoin.

Could the rising tensions in this case be related to the lawsuit? Spoilers don’t mention what’s going on there, but since it isn’t settled, there’s sure to be some movement forward.

Over to you, Chicago Med fanatics.

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Chicago Med airs on NBC on Wednesdays at 8/7c. New episodes drop on Peacock the day after they air.

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