Teen Mom’s Jade Cline Reveals Her Plan for Baby No. 2

First came love for Jade Cline and Sean Austin, then daughter Kloie, then came years of arguments, breakups and makeups. 

But now that the Teen Mom stars have grown both separately—while he was spending months working on his sobriety in late 2021, she was healing herself in therapy—and together, marrying in their home state of Indiana last October, well, Jade is ready to dust off that baby carriage. 

“I got off birth control,” the Mane & Marble salon owner confessed in an exclusive interview with E! News earlier this month. “I’ve been off birth control for, like, three weeks. I ran out. I’m just letting God, God.” 

So, yes, her newlywed phase has been swelteringly hot. 

Turning up in Colombia to film the third season of MTV’s Teen Mom: Family Reunion (Wednesdays, 8 p.m.) last fall mere days before their wedding, “We realized that we were not being intimate with each other,” admitted Jade, 26. “I’m not feeling sexy because I’m doing so much.” 

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