“Keep My Name Out Your Mouth”

Natalie Nunn was not about to let Fivio Foreign play with her marriage, as she dispelled his claims she allegedly cheated on her husband, Jacob Payne.

The ‘Baddies’ star hopped on her Instagram Story on Sunday (February 18) after coming across Fivio’s recent interview.

Fivio Foreign Accuses Natalie Nunn Of Cheating

During his appearance on the Math Hoffa ‘My Expert Opinion‘ podcast earlier this week, the ‘City of Gods’ lyricist made some bold claims about Nunn’s love life.

According to Fivio, the reality star has been living her best life — just not with her hubby… allegedly. He asserted that one of his friends had allegedly been hooking up with her after using the “Fiivo card.”

To his knowledge, his homeboy, Loui Paso, has apparently been enjoying trips across the world at Nunn’s expense ever since.

“Louis Paso, he came ’round me. He used the Fivio card. He’s f****g Natalie Nunn right now,” the rapper shared. “She’s flying him all over the world, spending money, going viral. Taking him to, you know, Dubai. I don’t even think he’s ever been to Dubai. And that’s what n****s is doing.”

However, Nunn doesn’t hesitate to clap back when someone entangles her name in some messiness. She did exactly that as she took to social media to refute the allegations and deny rumors that she’s been unfaithful to her hubby.

Natalie Explains How She Came In Contact With Fivio’s Friend

In a lengthy rant, the Zeus Network star responded by claiming that the infidelity claims made by Fivio were “lies” and that he apparently wasn’t telling the whole story.

Nunn explained that she only knew of Paso because she’d been looking for a road manager to help promote a song she recently dropped.

In her ongoing efforts to launch a rap music career, she enlisted Paso to assist with the process. Additionally, Nunn said that she never met Paso through Fivio, which appeared to be the first claim she took issue with.

“Your boy I’m flying out everywhere was someone who worked on your team with you! Sh** slow over there so eh came over to work with the baddest!” she wrote.

“I did not meet him through you… I’m not sleeping with him and you sound big mad! If you wanted a feature with me that’s all you had to say. Cause you sound big mad your boy joined the winning team and we running up a serious bag.”

Nunn proceeded by jokingly insisting Fivio would make a great addition to the ‘Baddies’ cast, judging by how he felt the need to gossip about her personal life.

A follow-up post on her Story read, “Keep my name our your mouth I’m not one to to be played with.”

And in case anyone was going to question the TV personality’s validity in regards to claims of how she met Paso, she posted a screenshot of a group chat conversation.

The photo appears to imply that Nunn’s relationship with Paso was not sexual– at least not from the messages she shared in her Story.

Additionally, Fivio has yet to respond to the

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