Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 2-19-24: A Special Gift for Long-Time Fans Mixed In With an Intriguing Mystery

If you felt like the Horton house fire was a slap in the face to the show’s legacy, hang on!

I didn’t like the idea of the iconic house burning down, but Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 2-19-24 suggest some memorable scenes that might make up for it.

Doug and Julie survey the damage and reminisce about Tom and Alice. There is also another special surprise in store.

The Doug/Julie scenes are heartbreaking because of Bill Hayes’ real-life passing. From the scene in the spoiler video, it seems that Days of Our Lives wanted to make Doug and Julie the next generation’s Tom and Alice.

Bill Hayes even sings the legendary couple’s signature song, Always.

If Hayes hadn’t passed away, I might feel differently about these scenes, but his rendition of Always brings tears to my eyes — and that’s just a clip!

Besides the tribute to Alice and Tom, there’s also a series of newly-created flashbacks from when they were young and first getting to know each other.

Most of the time, when Days of Our Lives does this, they have current actors playing the roles — for example, they once had Marci Miller (Abigail) play Jennifer in a flashback scene.

But this time, they’ve hired new actors to play a young Alice and Tom, and from the short clip of them, they are phenomenal. I’m mesmerized by how much the actor who plays Tom looks and sounds like MacDonald Carey.

All this Tom/Alice nostalgia almost makes up for the fire. Hopefully, Julie will rebuild the house — and Doug will still be alive when it’s finished.

Elsewhere, the Jada/Everett/Stephanie story heats up into a mystery, with Everett seeming confused when Jada claims he’s Bobby Stein and Steve showing Stephanie proof that it’s true.

Does Everett honestly not remember, or is he playing everyone? He disappeared a few weeks ago when he spied Jada through the Pub window, suggesting he does not fit the usual soap trope of amnesia.

But Days of Our Lives writers often change the story mid-stream, so it’s equally possible he lost his memories of Jada when he woke up from his coma.

Please scroll down to check out all eight Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 2-19-24.

Stephanie is shocked when Jada claims Everett is her ex-husband, Bobby Stein.

As mentioned above, Everett seems confused. Stephanie is also doubtful of this claim.

But Steve later finds documents proving that Everett and Bobby are the same man, so what’s the story here?

Some fans speculate that Everett has DID and Bobby is his evil alter ego. Let’s hope for something more original than that.

Abe, Chanel, and Johnny are in the hospital to help support Paulina after her surgery.

Did anyone expect anything less?

I’m glad Abe Carver is on screen more, but I’d love it if some of this sparked his memories of the past.

His first wife, Lexie, died of brain cancer, so tending to Paulina’s needs during her thyroid cancer scare should trigger something. But will it?

Some more couples celebrate Valentine’s Day, including one that no one wants together.

The good news: Roman and Kate will make time for a candlelight dinner despite her fear for Lucas.

The bad news is that Maggie and Konstantin will also spend Valentine’s Day together.

Everyone knows that Maggie is falling for Kon the Con, so please, let’s not have any more shocked family members. Some movement toward unmasking him instead would be excellent.

Theresa decides to move out after the proposal misunderstanding.

Talk about a split for the sake of drama! This is the silliest story Days of Our Lives has had in a long time.

Theresa convinced herself that Alex was planning to propose. She stormed out in a huff when she found out she was wrong.

And now she’s planning to move out. Is she returning to California even though she’s about to visit Tate in his juvenile facility?

That makes no sense whatsoever and is probably an impulsive decision that Alex will talk her out of.

Doug and Julie spend time going through the rubble at the Horton House.

These scenes will be as bittersweet as beautiful.

If only Bill Hayes were still with us, Julie and Doug could be the next generation’s Tom and Alice.

But knowing that this is one of Hayes’ last appearances makes them heartbreaking, even though I’m also looking forward to them.

A young Tom and Alice have a picnic in newly-created flashbacks.

Who else is wildly excited about these flashbacks?

Some newly created flashbacks are silly or a waste of time, but this is the only way to keep the original Horton couple in the show now that both actors have been gone for years. (MacDonald Carey died in 1994, and Frances Reid in 2010.)

According to spoilers, Doug and Julie find a vintage box in the remains of the Horton House — could it contain love letters or a diary?

Let’s hope they also find the beloved Christmas ornaments. Salem Christmases won’t be the same without them.

Wendy and Tripp are kidnapped!

Surprise (NOT!). The weirdo cop following Wendy and Tripp around wasn’t acting on Rafe’s orders when she told Tripp and Wendy she had to take them to a safe house.

Ava’ll go ballistic. Plus, Wendy is a Salem PD employee, so abducting her is probably not a great move.

How long will the Salem PD take to figure out what happened? Jada is often on the ball, but she’ll be busy proving that Everett is her no-good ex-husband, and Rafe usually leaves his brain at home when he comes to work.

Xander continues to assert his innocence to Rafe.

If there’s an innocent person to be arrested, Salem PD is always right there.

Harris needs to wake up so that he can tell them who shot him. Otherwise, Xander will follow in Tate’s footsteps and go to jail while the victim is in a coma and can’t set the record straight.

At least Sarah is standing by her man this time. The couple recently got back together and don’t need this nonsense interfering with their reunion.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics!

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