Helldivers 2: The Kotaku Review

A random player and I are surrounded by giant, alien bugs who want to rip out our guts and eat our bones. We are trying to destroy their nest, which lies in a rocky crater on some backwater alien planet. Low on ammo, out of health items, and unsure of what to do next, it seems we are screwed. But this is Helldivers 2we have powerful tools at our disposal, like a massive airstrike or auto-turret. My squadmate calls in his airstrike before I can, runs into the fray, drops it at his feet, and begins tossing grenades. “Get outta here! I’m taking ‘em with me!” he yells. I dive over an angry insect the size of a dog and skitter out of the crater, explosions and gunfire popping off behind me. Then there is one big boom. I turn around. He did it. He saved the day, killed two dozen bugs, and destroyed their vile nest.

A moment later—as I get ready to call him back to the war via a drop pod—my game crashes. I sigh. This has been my Helldivers 2 experience: an incredible third-person shooter filled with equal parts hilarious and heroic moments, currently marred by technical issues and server problems. But if that stuff gets fixed…oh boy, this is something special.

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