Fire Country Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Something’s Coming

When Fire Country Season 1 Episode 22 aired way back in May of 2023, its controversial conclusion left fans divided.

The debut season of the hit CBS drama dragged its protagonists through hell and delivered some surprisingly satisfying character arcs — only for the season finale to bring us right back to where Bode Leone‘s story began:

Bode’s decision to take the fall for a drug ring landed him back behind bars and left viewers with the feeling that Fire County Season 2 might wind up rehashing the redemption narrative the show already explored in Season 1.

So, after a much longer-than-usual hiatus owing to the writers’ and actors’ strikes, did Fire Country Season 2 Episode 1 find a way to keep things fresh?

Well, the opening scene whips us around — is Bode a free man already?! Has he earned his father’s approval?! —  before revealing that we’re in the well-trodden territory of the dream sequence.

Bode is not a free man, we learn, and is instead six months into a new and undeserved prison sentence.

Thankfully, he’s earned a bit of trust, and former skeptics like Manny Perez now realize that Bode is a good guy who’s made some bad decisions (most recently, confessing to a crime he didn’t commit).

A visit with Manny and Vince tidily provides some much-needed exposition as we learn that not only is Bode back in the slammer, but he’s been picking fights with the goal of being placed in Aspen Block, home of the most violent offenders.

His goal is to get to his nemesis Sleeper before Sleeper gets to him.

From there, we’re reminded of how much this show has taken on plot-wise, as Eve Edwards lays the smackdown on a prisoner in her new position of authority, and Jake and Cara discuss the fact that Bode is Genevieve’s dad.

Season premieres are second only to series premieres when it comes to the unfortunate necessity of info-dump scenes, but this episode proved surprisingly deft at bringing us up to speed without feeling like a Wikipedia page.

There’s a satisfying thematic connection between adjacent scenes, as back-to-back conversations remind us that Bode and Jake Crawford have multiple exes in common.

Yes, Gabriela Perez has finally given up on Bode — ironically, just as her dad became one of his biggest supporters.

Wildfires might be notoriously unpredictable, but they have nothing on the life and relationships of Bode Leone!

It’s Manny who delivers the episode’s titular line, when he tells the rest of the crew that “something’s coming” for Bode

Speaking of unpredictable — how about an earthquake to liven things up? And that’s all before the opening title card!

If the writers of Fire Country heard the criticism that Season 1 was a bit too loaded with twists and turns that tested the limits of credulity, they certainly didn’t let it affect their approach.

But the show’s ability to keep characters front and center amid all the natural disasters and action sequences has also remained in place.

Manny bemoans his place as a demoted captain, and without spelling it out for us, the scene highlights the ways in which his own setbacks have made him more sympathetic to Bode’s.

That scene leads to one with a clever callback to the show’s series premiere, as Eve informs her Three Rock recruits that fires are named for their point of origin.

“So gentlemen, welcome to Rancho Sequoia,” she tells her crew.

Eve and Jake both find their new authority put to the test in different ways, as he narrowly saves his team from a propane explosion, and she’s faced with the possibility that she did the wrong thing by sending an able firefighter back to prison for a minor offense.

It’s then that the long-awaited return of Sharon Leone — complete with new kidney — reminds us why she’s become one of the series’ most beloved characters.

Her passion for fighting fires remains undiminished, but her love for her son, we learn, has been dampened by his latest setbacks.

The multiple reassurances that Bode wasn’t harmed in the quake are ironically contrasted with scenes in which he treats his own stab wound using skills he learned — where else? — from his mom.

With the worst of the quake crisis over, the characters are free to discuss their new roles.

Eve feels guilty about taking Manny’s job as captain; Gabriela is psyched about becoming a medic, and Vince and Sharon have traded places on the topic of Bode.

Again, it’s a lot of exposition, and a lot of people saying exactly what’s on their mind in ways that no one ever does in real life.

Fire Country is usually a little better at conveying information in a non-clunky fashion, but we’ll give it a pass and chalk that awkwardness up to a bad case of the season premieres.

Ensemble shows have it tough sometimes.

The most surprising of all these changes might be the fact that Gabriela is now in a relationship with newcomer Diego.

“Happy four-month anniversary,” he coos, as though their kiss didn’t already send the message that they’re fairly serious.

Again, the writers are guiding us by the hand a lot, but we’re hoping thatt’s a one-time deal.

It’s then that Bode borrows his charismatic cellmate’s phone (a cell phone, you might say!) to call Manny, his former harshest critic.

Jake commandeers the call to tell Bode that he’s a dad, and while the moment feels a bit soapy, perhaps that tone was unavoidable under such melodramatic circumstances.

Speaking of melodrama, how else could such an eventful episode end than with a prison knife fight that’s interrupted by an aftershock?

When the ceiling collapses on Sleeper, Bode recognizes the opportunity to get his redemption arc back on track, and he saves his enemy’s life in exchange for a promise to help him clear his name.

Yeah, it’s one of the show’s most ridiculous deus ex machinas to date, but it nudges things in a more fan-friendly direction by helping move Bode back to the fire camp.

Of course, he’s got problems on the outside — like an ex who cites his parents as the perfect couple in conversations with her new dude.

Gabriela wants to marry Diego so they can be the next Vince and Sharon?

Does she know what Vince and Sharon have been through?!

Anyway, Bodie’s triumphant return to Three Rock is more than a bit undermined by the news of Gabriela’s engagement, but his loss is our gain, as the stakes couldn’t be much higher as we delve deep into Fire Country Season 2.

What did you think, Fire Country fanatics? Was it all a bit much? Are things moving too quickly? What do you think hurt Bode more, the knife in his side or the news about Gabriela?

Hit the comments below to share your thoughts!

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