Dennis Quaid to Star as Infamous Serial Killer in Paramount+ Series Happy Face

Dennis Quaid is taking on a new role as the infamous Happy Face Killer in Paramount+’s new series, Happy Face. 

The Happy Face Killer gained his name from the smiley faces he would draw on evidence and in letters to the media while bragging about his heinous crimes.

Quaid will take on the role alongside co-star Annaleigh Ashford, who will play the role of Melissa, the Happy Face Killer’s daughter. 

Everything we know about Paramount+’s Happy Face series: Cast, release date, trailer, and more

Right now, the only cast members we know about for Happy Face are Dennis Quaid and Annaleigh Ashford as the two main characters. 

It’s too early for a trailer, but we expect more details will come before long. 

What we do know is that this is an eight-episode first season, and production will begin in Vancouver this spring, with a release date planned for early 2025. 

The premise for the show details the life of Melissa Moore and her journey as her father contacts her after years of no contact. After her father forces his way back into her life, Melissa must find out if an innocent man is going to face the death penalty for a crime her father actually committed. 

Along the way, Melissa discovers just how much her father impacted his victims’ families and must come to terms with her own identity. 

Happy Face’s inspiration: The podcast and story that made it happen

The series is inspired by Melissa Moore and her real-life story as the Happy Face Killer’s daughter; the acclaimed podcast Happy Face from iHeartPodcasts and Moore; and Moore’s autobiography, Shattered Silence, which was written by Moore and M. Bridget Cook. 

The Happy Face podcast received much praise from listeners and critics alike for its intimate perspective and connection to the killer, as we don’t often see the inside of a serial killer’s family. 

The podcast is extremely authentic with a lot of vulnerability, which definitely took a lot of bravery from Moore to come forward with and open up about. 

As always, there were some criticisms of the podcast as well, with some noting that there’s not enough emphasis on the victims and too much emphasis on personal healing. 

As with any true crime podcast, sometimes the lines are blurred when it comes to where the focus should be.

Some believe the focus should be strictly on the victims and their families, while others want more details about the lives of a serial killer’s family members.

For now, we will have to wait and see what Paramount+ has in store for us as we anxiously await the release of Happy Face. 

We are happy to see someone think outside the box with reboots. Can we at least agree on that?

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Devin Piel, an entertainment news writer from the Midwest with a passion for true crime and binge-streaming the latest Netflix series, is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. You can follow her on X.

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