Beyonce Shares Healthy Hair Secrets, Opens Up About CÉCRED

Beyoncé is set to shake up the beauty world by launching her own haircare line, CÉCRED, which will drop on February 20.

And if you’ve ever found yourself gawking at Bey’s flawless tresses and wondering, “What’s her secret?” then brace yourself for this reveal.

Beyoncé Opens Up About Her Haircare Journey

In her cover story with ESSENCE, the ‘Formation’ singer spills all the details on how she protects, nourishes, and cares for her hair.

The mom of three clearly holds a special place in her heart for Black women, who have long been overlooked in the haircare game.

Bey is seemingly hoping to change that by February 20. For this new business endeavor, she went all out by serving everything from reconstructing masks to lotions that lock in moisture tighter than her choreography on the Renaissance tour.

Queen Bey’s Secrets To Healthy Hair

In her in-depth interview with the magazine, she explains, “In addition to using the products, I wear my hair pressed, colored, ironed and natural as much as I wear protective styles, depending on what I’m doing. I also use oil for my scalp underneath the braids.”

When Beyoncé no longer feels like having braids, she sticks to a regimen that provides ample moisture to her hair, a practice she now considers more of a “ritual.”

“When I take my braids down, I focus on cleansing and moisturizing my hair before putting it back up into a protective style. I like to look at these routines more like rituals, because the care and love you give your hair is a special, intimate process that we tend to overlook.”

And for those of you thinking, “Sure, but can I really get Beyoncé-level hair?”

Spoiler alert: She swears by nourishing hair oil and hydrating shampoo for deep treatments, which suggests that Bey will no longer be keeping her hair hacks unknown to her fans.

Bey Also Lifts The Lid On How She Protects Her Hair At Night

As for her nighttime routine, the ‘Heated’ hitmaker once again heavily relies on moisturization. She says she usually wraps her hair in a bonnet after she has applied a good amount of oil to her hair and scalp.

“It’s all about moisture for me—adding oil to my scalp and covering my hair at night so the oils could penetrate,” she shared.

“It brings back such great memories of my rituals as a child to maintain a healthy scalp. I wrap my hair up and sometimes sleep in some cute rollers with a net or bonnet, depending on how I am wearing my hair. I try to avoid friction, my hair reverting and using unnecessary heat.”

It’s more or less about knowing what kind of treatment your hair needs.

Per Essence, Bey has been working on perfecting her haircare line since 2018.

Queen B didn’t make the official announcement until May 2023, when she got real about her childhood and reminisced about the days she spent in her mother’s hair salon.

“How many of y’all knew my first job was sweeping hair in my mama’s salon,” she wrote. “Destiny’s Child got our start by performing for clients while they were getting their hair done. I was exposed to so many different kinds of entrepreneurial women in her [Ms. Tina’s] salon.”

“I saw firsthand how the way we nurture and celebrate hair can directly impact our souls. I watch her heal and be of service to so many women.”

Roomies, will y’all be purchasing products from the CÉCRED line?

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