Dreezy Trolls Deiondra Sanders After Jacquees Shows Her IG Love

Dreezy received mixed reactions this week after trolling Deiondra Sanders on social media. The rapper slid into Jacquees’ Instagram comment section after he shared a selfie featuring Deiondra.

In the photo posted on Feb. 15, Jacquees and Deiondra are smiling inside an unidentified space. It’s unclear where or when the photo was taken, but fans in his comment section are repeatedly calling it “old.” Note that The Shade Room has been unable to verify its timeline. 

It’s a possibility that the rumored couple might’ve been enjoying some Disney magic when they took the selfie, given Deiondra’s Minnie Mouse hat. Jacquees also didn’t offer any details in the caption of his post. He added five red heart emojis. As of Friday, the post is still live on his Instagram feed with over 121,000 likes.

Meanwhile, the comments are sitting at over 2,500, and one from Dreezy seemed to be directed at Deiondra. According to a screenshot TSR shared, Jacquees’ ex-girlfriend wrote, “Plz take him back so he can stop calling me,” with a praying hands emoticon.

See the post and Dreezy’s reaction below.

Dreezy Trolls Deiondra After Alleging Sanders Is Expecting A Baby With Jacquees

A week ago, Dreezy and Deiondra were trending topics on social media after the Chicago rapper exposed alleged text messages from Jacquees.

Things got spicy after Dreezy seemingly took some of Deiondra’s X posts as shots. In one post, Deiondra wrote, “Obsessed is when you still sending underwear with your face on it to the crib.” 

Playing off her words, Dreezy clapped back on her X profile in several now-deleted posts. The rapper first wrote, “Obsessed is y’all having a baby on the way, but the n***a begging to get me pregnant cus he barely fwu bird brain.”

Note that Deiondra and Jacquees have not addressed Dreezy’s allegations that they’re expecting a baby. Amid the accusation, Deiondra shared a post flexing her bare abs in a black outfit — no baby bump visible.

Still, Dreezy went on to share screenshots of Jacquees’ alleged texts to her. In one screenshot, the ‘At The Club’ R&B singer allegedly asks his ex-girlfriend to let him get her “pregnant too.”

In more texts, the sender added:

“Sex does NOT define LOVE. And if you tryna find love in SEX you finna f*ck everybody. Kids do not define a FAMILY. I WANT YOU DREEZY. I’VE TOLD YOU TIME AFTER TIME CAN We HAVE A BABY U TOLD ME OUT YOUR MOUTH JACQUEES DON’T EVER ASK ME [about] A BABY AGAIN SO LIKE WTF,” the sender said in multiple texts.

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Following Dreezy leaking the texts, she shared a snippet of her newly released track, ‘B*tch Please.’ The song appears to be sending shots at the rumored pair, Deiondra and Jacquees, and addressing Dreezy’s claims on X.

“Yeah, I’m ’bout to spin over a tweet, b***h duh. Big B Bottega on my feet, b***h duh. Can’t have your n***a back, I play for keeps, b***h duh. Ain’t never seen a 100 with a crease, b***h duh. Ever seen a million-dollar mink? B***h duh. Real big lost my keys for a week. B***h duh. If I’m his ex, you know that n***a stalking me. B***h duh. I’m living in your head rent-free. I curved your n***a a 100 times and this the thanks I get. Ungrateful. Yeah, I’m the reason you in a happy relationship.”

However, Dreezy has since clarified that ‘B***h Duh’ is NOT a diss track. On another note, the tease did seem to get her a cosign from Rihanna.

Social Media Reacts

Dreezy’s trolling didn’t seem to generate much praise from folks on social media. Most reactions cited the Chicago rapper as the issue in the rumored love triangle.

Peep some of the comments below from The Shade Room’s repost of the selfie. 

@theofficialai wrote,Girl you miss him. stay off them people page”

@1jazzychick and @chelley_bee both wrote that Dreezy was “doing too much.” 

@shay_kie suggested that Dreezy “sent them draws on purpose.” 

@mo_4_u wrote, “I like you Dreezy you cute you a baddie but baby you sound salty asf  let it go sis!!!”

@thatsmr_curry asked the question plenty others did, “Why don’t she just block him though?” 

While @princessdisia questioned Jacquees saying, “Why she not blocked yet?” 

On Friday, Dreezy seemed unbothered by folks dragging her. She took to her Instagram Story and feed to promote her diss tra…*clears throat* new track, “B***h Duh.” It was released on Feb. 15.

“B***h DUH is outttt now! No label. No paid promo. Just organic push from my supporters! THANK YOU. This is my FIRST independent release. And this ain’t a diss song, it’s just a dope single! Let’s run this up.” 

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