Florida Rapper Foolio Fatally Shot While Celebrating 26th B-Day

Florida rapper Julio Foolio was killed as he celebrated his 26th birthday on Sunday, June 23.

The New York Post reports the entertainer was ambushed after sharing where he was partying on social media.

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Foolio, born Charles Jones— was celebrating in Tampa two days after his actual birthday when he was gunned down. Earlier in the day, he took to his Instagram Stories to extend an invitation for a pool party at his Airbnb. Jones told his followers to “DM me for the address.” However, his attorney, Lewis Fuso, stated he “was asked to leave due to exceeding occupancy limits.”

Fusco said Foolio then “relocated to the Holiday Inn” and was “reportedly ambushed.” Jones and three other victims (who survived) were sitting in their cars in the parking lot when the perpetrators opened fire, according to police. Despite law enforcement reviewing surveillance footage, there are no suspects at this time.

According to First Coast News, This incident could be linked to violence from the rapper’s past. He was reportedly a member of the Jacksonville gang KTA. The group reportedly has a longtime beef with rival gangs in the area. Foolio lost his cousin in a 2018 gang-related shooting. His relative was attending a birthday party held for Charles’ brother. Additionally, Foolio was shot in 2021 while at his Jacksonville recording studio. However, the bullet only grazed him. He subsequently taunted the shooters after the incident, stating, “Y’all miss a whole 100 shots literally.”

Social Media Reacts to Foolio’s Death

Commenters under The Shade Room’s report reacted to the untimely death of the young rapper.

“Be careful the energy you put into the world, cause it definitely will come back,” @ceebeauty1 said.

@samthablasian stated, “and don’t start being sensitive. this man was dancing on ppl graves in a music video.”

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