MAHIRA – Official Trailer – Raj B Shetty | Virginia | Chaithra | Balaji | Gopalkrishna

Here is the official trailer of “MAHIRA”
Produced by: Vivek Kodappa
Banner: The Jackfruit Productions
Written & Directed By : Mahesh Gowda (LFA)

Note – Use earphones for better feel

Cast : Raj B Shetty, Virginia Rodrigues, Chaithra Achar, Balaji Manohar, GopalKrishna Deshpande, K P Sridhar, Babu Hirannaiah, Apoorva Soma Saakre, Shaukat Ali, Dileep Raj

Director: Mahesh Gowda (L.F.A.)
Producers: Vivek Kodappa & Friends
Screenplay: Prashanth P M and Mahesh Gowda
Associate Directors: Sandeep Sunkada and Prashanth P M
Assistant Directors: Vipin Shetty, Vijay Monteiro, Abhi Sringeri
Additional Assistant Director: Prathap Bhat
Stunts: Chethan D’Souza
Costume: Ashwini Raju
Music: Nilima Rao & Rakesh U P
Lyrics: Vishwajit Rao, Prathap Bhat
Mixed & Mastered by : Sameer Kulkarni
Background Music: Midhun Mukundan
Cinematography: Keertan Poojary
Editing & DI: Ashik kusugolli
Dialogues: Razak, Mahesh Gowda, Sandeep Sunkada
Sound Design: Sync Cinema
Sound Mix: Aravind Menon

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