Poverty And Drugs Are Ruining West Virginia's Capital

THIS is the headquarters of the Appalachian Region?

So I was just cruising around Charleston one evening looking for some interesting things to film. It was actually kinda sunny and it wasn’t all windy and nasty out.

I saw a LOT of sketchy that night in Charleston.

It was day 6 on the Appalachian winter adventure, and for the first time on the trip, the skies parted. The gray clouds broke as if West Virginia was saying here’s Charleston with the covers off. After being here for a few days, I wondered – how bad would the place look had the skies not been blue.

For the next few videos, we’ll see poverty and drugs and places that need a lot of help. I’ll try and point out the good here. But it’s West Virginia. From the surface, good can be kinda hard to identify.

Charleston is the capital of this state, and you could say the capital of Appalachia. If this is the head honcho for Appalachia land, that says a lot about the rest of Appalachia.

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