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This White Stone doughnut shop keeps customers coming back for more.

Meet Gabe del Rio and Jeff Ewing, founders of Chesapeake Doughnut Company. In March 2020, the duo was a month away from opening the doors to their new White Stone doughnut shop when the pandemic hit. With storefronts closing and social distancing the new norm, del Rio and Ewing shifted gears and set up a doughnut cart in their parking lot. Spoiler alert: Even COVID couldn’t keep customers from lining up for these delicious, locally sourced doughnuts. Today, Chesapeake Doughnut Company has expanded with a second Virginia location in Warsaw and a third in Waldorf, Maryland. Customers rave about the glazed yeast doughnut, but we have our eyes on the Samoan Delight—a cake doughnut with chocolate frosting, covered in toasted coconut and chocolate sauce.

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