Your House Is A Forced Savings Plan | Richmond, Virginia

Your House Is A Forced Savings Plan | Richmond, Virginia

Did you know, your home was a piggyback?💸

So what I mean by that is your home from a financial standpoint for savings plan.

There is a lot of debate, whether or not a home is an investment, or if it’s GOOD investment. But here are the facts

Homes do tend to appreciate overtime
You get tax benefits from owning a home
Ever payment goes to owning your home fully

After 30 years, assuming you haven’t refinanced or taken out any of your money in a home equity line of credit, you will be sitting on a nice little nest egg!

Let’s say your home didn’t appreciate a nickel—if you simply just paid off your whole loan, whatever you bought your home for, you’re gonna have that amount sitting in cash equity. So if you were to sell your home, you could take that money and do whatever with it.

So a home is a nice little piggy bank that prompts a forced savings plan.

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