Learn The History Of The Old Cape Henry Lighthouse

Completed in 1792, the original Cape Henry Lighthouse has witnessed centuries of American history. Plus, the lighthouse itself serves as a historic icon; it was the first construction project that was authorized by the United States not long after the Constitution was formed. When it was finally completed, it had cost a total of $17,900 — the equivalent of roughly half a million dollars today. The lighthouse still stands, although it hasn’t been in operation since shortly after the Civil War when it was replaced by the new Cape Henry Lighthouses. Today, both are considered to be National Historic Landmarks.

Note: Both Cape Henry Lighthouses are located on a naval base. In order to view them, you will need to check in with a valid driver’s license, registration, and proof of car insurance. There is also a small admission fee to get into the lighthouse. 

Have you ever seen the original Cape Henry Lighthouse? What did you think? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below — we would love to hear from you! For another overview of the area as well as a quick tour, be sure to watch the video below, courtesy of All Things Local:

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Address: Cape Henry Lighthouse, 583 Atlantic Ave, Fort Story, VA 23459, USA

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