OLD RAG MOUNTAIN 4K [Shenandoah National Park, VA] – Late April Hike

In this video, I hike up Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah National Park, VA. This hike is one of the highest peaks in Shenandoah National Park, and is arguably the best hike in the park. With rock scrambling, a fire road, and a narrow trail, there is a whole spectrum of hiking experiences available on this mountain. If you hike this mountain, please check out the NPS website and ensure you are capable and prepared. This is a strenuous and potentially dangerous hike. Please be safe! Thank you for watching!

LENGTH: ~9.2 mi
TIME: 6.5-8 hrs (It took me 6.5 and I took many breaks for eating lunch and enjoying views)
DIFFICULTY: Very strenuous (due to some rock scrambling required to reach the top) – *NOTE* You can get to the top without rock scrambling by hiking up backwards! If you take the fire road to the top and then double back, the hike will be ~11 mi but will be significantly easier!

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My camera:

My microphone:

My other camera:

My tripod:

Please comment below with any questions you might have. Thank you all for watching! I appreciate you!

Disclaimer: This video is purely based on my experiences, research, and opinions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. I made this channel to advise viewers and I truly hope to help you all out. I love making these videos and connecting with my viewers!
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