I Went To The Most Liberal Place In West Virginia

You aren’t gonna believe this part of West Virginia!

This is not your normal West Virginia. We’re in Morgantown, home to West Virginia University. It’s by far the most liberal place in this state. You could actually draw a circle for 500 miles and not find a higher concentration of Democrats.

People in Morgantown take pride in being ‘different’ then the rest of West Virginia. The liberals here’ll tell ya – we’re educated and a lot of us have good jobs. We have big world aspirations. We’re not dumb chew spitting inbred hicks.

I’m here because I wanted to see what it was like and talk to some of the people who live here in this mysterious, rare liberal land.

This was day 3 on my great Appalachian adventure, and the first stop in West Virginia – the only state that’s completely in the Appalachian region. We’re gonna spend the next four stops here in the mountain state. There’s plenty of time to see poverty and rundown and the effects of drugs. But we’re gonna begin in a different type of place. I think.

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