Crazy Sight Fishing COBIA in Virginia!!

**Mild Profanity** For the first time in my life, had an awesome day of cobia fishing! Been hoping for a day like this for years, and for one reason or another, my cobia trips were almost always huge failures (starting in 2014 when the first charter I ever booked with my friends got blown out). Jeremy and John hooked it up (thanks guys!), fished a prime day with these 2 cobia killers, we saw dolphins, turtles, rays, sheepshead and cobia all cruising around on the surface, taking many casts at mostly 32”-39” fish. Just to be able to see and cast at a bunch of cobia made this day epic, would have been really sweet if I didn’t mess up a good shot at the biggest fish we saw that day, definitely will never forget seeing that fish roll on my eel. I am not an experienced cobia fisherman… saw 3x more fish this day than Ive seen my whole life. Hope to get another chance to do this before the season ends!

Lure: 2oz BOWED UP BUCKTAILS (available at select shops on the cobia coast)

I used my 8’6 Pompano Bay Rod

Reel: Saragosa 6000 (on sale here

Line: 40lb Power Pro Braided Line

Leader: 40lb Fluorocarbon

Thanks for watching!


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