This Week in an Hour – Ep.21 Crypto Scams and Non Consensual Farts With Special Guest Kyle McKay

Jackson is back this week and so is our special guest Kyle McKay. In this episode of This Week in an Hour the lads start things off by going more in-depth on Dubai shocking clouds, Kyle shares another seagull story, and Texas governor banning Covid vaccines and mask mandates. They get to Fox News Odd News early this episode then revisit Covid restrictions ending in New Brunswick. The rest of the topics include bitcoin whales acquiring $5.2 billion in the past 28 days, crypto scams, Emma Stone and Scarlett Johansson losing money due to streaming releases, Amazon hit with an $888 million fine, Covid and shingles, Disney requiring all their employees in the US to be fully vaccinated, woman charged after 12 year old gets pregnant, crazy times at Activision, the Olympics, and finally Hockey Talk.


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