Virginia Driving School Course

Take our courses to fulfill a DMV or court requirement, earn Safe Driver Points, or get a car insurance discount.
There are 4 main reasons why drivers take a Virginia Driving School course:
Point Reduction (Court-Required)
Drivers would take this course if the court or judge told them to take traffic school to dismiss their case and keep demerit points off their record.
Fine Reduction (Court-Required)
Drivers would take this course if the court or judge told them to take traffic school to reduce their fine and court fees
DMV-Required (Driver Improvement Clinic)
Drivers would take this course if the Virginia DMV sent a letter that tells them to take a Virginia driver improvement program.
Receive Safe Driving Points (Voluntary)
Drivers take this course voluntarily if they wish to get 5 safe driving points added to their record.
Non-Resident (Court-Required)
Out-of-state drivers take this course if they received a ticket in Virginia and the court is requiring them to take the course.A driving school course is also an excellent refresher for any driver. It will help you brush up on the basics and learn about new Virginia driving laws that might have been put into place since you got your driver’s license.
Am I Eligible?
You are eligible to take an online driver improvement course if:
You are at least 20 years old
You were at least 20 years old when you were convicted of the traffic violation.
If students don’t meet those 2 requirements, they must complete a driver improvement clinic that provides classroom instruction.
Court Approval
It is the court’s discretion to award safe driving points, dismiss traffic tickets, or reduce fines as a result of taking this course. Please ensure you have permission from the court to take an online driving improvement class.

How It Works
Get everything done in six easy steps!
Complete the course.
Pass the exam.
Complete the course evaluation.
Get your Certificate of Completion.
Upon finishing traffic school, a Certificate of Completion is mailed to you. You must sign the certificate and deliver it to the court. For drivers with a Virginia driver’s license, Safe2Drive will also send your completion information to the Virginia DMV within 24 hours.


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