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Today I’m going to talk about the meeting between President Biden and President Xi, the shooting at the University of Virginia, the court blocking of Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, and also Jay Leno’s hospitalization. I’m Michele Carroll. Welcome to The News Diet where I give you to-the-point news Monday-Thursday.

The News Diet is a daily 5-10 minute news show for the non-news-junkie looking to get on with their day. After reviewing news outlets across all political spectrums, host, Michele Carroll, summarizes the top stories of the day. The News Diet sticks to the facts of the story and avoids personal commentary so you can form your own opinions. If an issue is particularly polarizing, then both sides of the argument are presented.

Whether you’re a professional, parent, or college student, The News Diet is perfect to listen to during your morning coffee, afternoon commute, or evening stroll.

Welcome to The News Diet, a healthier alternative to staying informed. New episodes Mon-Thurs.

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