Choppers Magazine's Virginia City Round Up 2021 – Rodeo and Motorcycle Show

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In the mountains south of Reno and just a 45 min ride east of Lake Tahoe lies a ghost town called Virginia City, Nevada. With the crisp cool mountain air in your lungs and the 1800’s scenery surrounding your every step. Virginia City is a step back in time. It also is home to Choppers Magazine’s Virginia City Round Up. An amazing concept of combining a chopper, truck and FXR show with a real life rodeo that anyone can participate in.

Ride a motorcycle in, ride a 2000 pound bull during and then maybe ride in an ambulance or your bike to the bar afterwards. HA! Taking a motorcycle show and adding a different element like a rodeo was a total breath of fresh air. Who doesn’t want to be a cowboy? With choppers and FXR’s everywhere, wild horses roaming the dirt roads, cowboys, whiskey, and so much more. So sit back and take in a whole lot of awesomeness. We promise you are going to want to go next year, so make sure to find your local cowboy store and get your boots and hat ready. Come try and win a belt buckle next year if you dare.

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