Meat Loaf legacy – 2003 Wolf Trap, Virginia

From the ‘Last World Tour’ from 2003, this is an almost complete concert. Recorded on september 7th at Wolf Trap.
Credit goes to hemisphire ( and WarioLoaf. Although camera pans away quite often its fantastic to have a full Couldn’t Have Said It Better show. I did add two videos in this. During Testify and Paradise the video was black the entire time, so I put some archived video from Mexico 2003 in it.

01 Wasted Youth
02 Do It 2:53
03 Life is a Lemon 5:01
04 Mercury Blues 12:56
05 Tear me Down 19:30
06 Took the Words 23:42
07 Testify (added footage) 33:15
08 All Revved Up 40:16
09 Anything for Love 49:01
10 Couldn’t Have Said it Better 1:05:29
11 Out of the Frying Pan 1:15:14
12 Band Intro 1:27:12
13 I’d Lie For You 1:37:52
14 Talk with Audience 1:40:06

14 Two Out of Three 1:43:35
15 Paradise by the Dashboard Light(added video) 1:49:40


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