Instagram Models Who Were K*lled By Creepy Men

Instagram Models Who Were K*lled By Creepy Men

Most people hope to find someone that they connect with over the course of their lifetime so that they have the chance to fall in love and begin a life with this special person. As beautiful a thing that love can be, it can also turn very dark and in some cases even deadly. The following stories tell the tale of three Instagram stars who were killed for being attractive to the wrong men. We have two best friends that went out for what they expected to be a fun, light hearted party only to end up dead. We also have a man so obsessed with a young girl that he barely knows that he’s willing to kill her rather than accept the chance of her being with another man. And finally we have an unexplained case of an Instagram mother who went overseas to pursue her career only to never be seen again. Let us know how you feel about these cases and the victims in the comments below!

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