Todd Ogle – Landing At Virginia Tech

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So I’ve worked at Virginia tech for 22 years now. Um, and I guess the story really is more about, uh, how I ended up doing the source of things we’re doing now with VR and AR, um, than how I got to Virginia tech. Um, I did my doctoral research in using virtual reality in education settings, um, back in the late nineties, early two thousands, and, um, have always wanted to continue doing research in that area. And in the projects that I’ve worked on with colleagues over the years, we always found that students would like to get more experience working on those sorts of projects and our teams of faculty needed to help doing those sorts of projects. Cuz typically it would end up being, you know, the art faculty member would be doing all the artwork and the computer science faculty member might be doing all the computer science work. When in fact there are lots of students that would like to have opportunities to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom or go on a deeper learning journey than they get to in the classroom. In these sorts of technologies.


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