Cheese sommelier Virginia Saputo shares tips that will leave cheese lovers wanting more


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In this interview, cheese expert Virginia Saputo shares a few tips about cheese and cheese types that is sure to leave any cheese lover with a craving for more.

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From the ripe age of twelve, Virginia Saputo spent her summers alongside her father analyzing raw milk for the family business – Les Fromages Saputo Cheese Ltd.

Having built a solid foundation Virginia created her own company Laiterie Natricia Dairy specializing in goat milk food products. Virginia designed the first state of the art goat milk manufacturing facility in North America in 1998. This made her a pioneer in the new up and coming goat cheese industry of Canada. Here, Virginia created world-class products. Virginia’s goat cheese won international awards and received praise from the dairy industry, executive chefs on a global scale and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England.

Today Virginia calls herself a cheese sommelier, and owns the “What Cheese” website where she features a rich knowledge of World Cheeses and shares inspirational cheese pairings with food and wine.


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