How to Get a 100% VA Disability Rating

Seeking a 100% VA disability rating? There are many ways Veterans can reach 100%, but the process can be difficult. Join us as CCK’s knowledgable Veterans’ advocates break down how to build a strong VA claim, plus valuable tips all Veterans should know!

Table of Contents:
0:00 Introduction
0:30 Additional Benefits of Having a 100% VA Disability Rating, Plus How Much is 100% VA Disability?
2:10 How to Get Service Connected for VA Disability Benefits
4:00 Ways to Get a 100% VA Rating: Schedular 100%
5:22 Combining Disability Ratings: How Does VA Math Work?
8:58 Bilateral Disabilities and How They Can Increase Your VA Disability Rating
10:27 Why is it so Difficult to Reach a 100% Schedular Disability Rating?
11:52 Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU)
14:10 Extraschedular Individual Unemployability (TDIU)
16:05 100% VA Disability and Working with TDIU
18:55 Applying for TDIU
21:37 Is Individual Unemployability (TDIU) Permanent?
25:16 Permanent and Total 100% VA Ratings
26:44 Tips for 100% VA Disability: #1 Consider Secondary Service Connection & Aggravation
30:38 Tips for 100% VA Disability: #2 Medical Evidence, Lay Evidence, C&P Exams
34:51 Tips for 100% VA Disability: #3 Tips for Your Next C&P Exam
38:26 Tips for 100% VA Disability: #4 Look for Errors VA Makes on Disability Claims
43:05 Tips for 100% VA Disability: #5: If You’re Unsure of How to get 100%, Seek Representation

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