Buckingham Community Cemetery – Buckingham, VA

Buckingham Community Cemetery was a special request by a viewer, quite a bit ago. I hope you’re still watching!

The cemetery is the final resting place of around 500.

I film cemeteries, graveyards, church yards, nature, and other places I find interesting. Cemeteries are beautiful, peaceful places to reflect and I want to help preserve the the way they looked at a certain time. I contribute regularly to Find A Grave and I’ve been thanked numerous times by relatives and researchers for documenting places they may not be able to visit. I mean no disrespect and sometimes spend time tidying up places that don’t necessarily receive it on a regular basis.

music: Locatelli Concerto Grosso in F minor, Op.1 No.8
by The Modena Chamber Orchestra
Though they’ve released this performance as public domain, someone in Brazil has claimed copyright, so I apologize for the ads.


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