Virginia Tech Construction Engineering and Management 2020 Department Intro

The Construction Engineering and Management (CEM) undergraduate program is administered by the Myers-Lawson School of Construction. Graduates possess the requisite technical, managerial and business knowledge to design, plan, execute and manage construction projects, operations and processes that are safe, efficient, cost effective, environmentally sensitive and socially aware. They are prepared to integrate and manage the technical, materials, financial and human resources that support construction operation and lead project teams toward common objectives with an emphasis on values-based leadership principles.

CEM practitioners work in various organizations in the four sectors of construction: residential, commercial, industrial, and heavy. Their roles include general contractors, construction management firms, specialty contractors, design-builders, consulting engineers, architecture firms, homebuilders, and real estate development firms. Graduates are also employed in various capacities representing project owners, suppliers, regulators, lenders, and other stakeholders engaged in creating and maintaining the built environment. Positions include project engineering, project managers, coordinators, estimators, schedulers, safety specialists, business development managers, and many other. Some rise to senior level executive positions, while others own and operate their own firms.


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