Land in Virginia

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Easy Cheap Land Priced 50-80% Below the Competition
Rural Vacant Land:

Luke Smith, founder of sells land all across the US at wholesale prices. Luke doesn’t believe land transactions should be a hassle so his upfront and honest style of selling land is a great relief to people who are fed up with the song and dance of middlemen and fees.

Luke has no hidden fees. His transactions are very easy with no extra unnecessary paperwork or credit checks and he will work with you on the way you want to pay.

Luke’s research is unbiased. He tells you everything he knows and invites you to go out to any one of his properties and check it out on your own at anytime.

Everything you need to know about Luke and RVL can be learned from his intro vid and his hilarious, but so darn true FAQ section of his site:

Luke wants you to be able to easily buy the land you want, have fun, enjoy perks of off grid adventures!

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