Invest LYH – Lynchburg Virginia Real estate Investing – 213 Charlotte St Lynchburg.

Invest LYH – Lynchburg Virginia Real estate Investing – Property review. Learn why this property is an unreal investment in Lynchburg VA. 213 Charlotte St Lynchburg offers one of the best cash on cash returns I have seen since doing this channel. I would suggest that you contact a Real Estate Agent and lender to confirm my findings and earn some money!

Learn more about your market using Cash on Cash return by watching Invest LYH and asking questions in the comments. I am here to help anyone looking to invest in Real Estate in Lynchburg Virginia. I have been investing for several years and own homes in Texas and Florida. I happen to live in Lynchburg and look at the Lynchburg Real Estate Market daily. Please let me know how I can help you.

*** THIS IS NOT A SALES SITE *** I am not here to sell you anything, I am just sharing my method to evaluate properties. Ask questions and I can help. I do NOT, however, give financial or accounting advice, I just share what the math looks like with my calculations and you can make your own decisions from there.

Thanks for watching!


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