West Virginia 1941 – World of warships. An awesome ship for an awesome cause! Operation Lifeboat!

Every year more than 6000 veterans in the U.S commit suicide. Operation Lifeboat sets as its goal to raise funds and awareness for 24/7 crisis intervention and peer-to-peer mental health support.
Based on the latest research among Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans, 58% of participants indicated they knew a veteran who died by suicide, while 65% knew a veteran who had attempted to take his/her own life.
A recent study published in Social Science and Medicine shows that, many veterans found video games helpful not only with managing moods and stress, but also with three areas related to other aspects of recovery: adaptive coping, developing self-confidence and socializing.
World of warships has partnered up with Stack Up — a nonprofit organization supporting veterans through gaming — to raise money and awareness for military veterans in need of mental health support. And today we are proud to introduce special in-game bundles with 100% of the proceeds from the sale to benefit Stack Up’s Overwatch Program (StOP). This program provides critical support to veterans through round-the-clock access to a team of trained and certified crisis-management volunteers.

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