Virginia Tobacco in Nueva Era with Terra-Sol Biostimulant Foliar Fertilizer, HanEarl Science, HES

Terra-Sol Biostimulant Foliar Fertilizer in Virginia-improved Tobacco in Nueva Era, Ilocos Norte

Definition of Biostimulant

EU, Fertilizing Product Regulation:
A plant biostimulant shall be an EU fertilising product the function of which is to stimulate plant nutrition processes independently of the product’s nutrient content with the sole aim of improving one or more of the following characteristics of the plant or the plant rhizosphere:
(a) nutrient use efficiency,
(b) tolerance to abiotic stress,
(c) quality traits, or
(d) availability of confined nutrients in the soil or rhizosphere.

USA, Farm Bill:
A plant biostimulant is a material that contains a substance(s), microorganism(s), or mixtures thereof, that, when applied to seeds, plants, the rhizosphere, soil or other growth media, act to support a plant’s natural nutrition processes independently of the material’s nutrient content. The plant biostimulant thereby improves nutrient availability, update or use efficiency, tolerance to abiotic stress, and consequent growth, development, quality or yield.

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