Worldschool Tour: Colonial Williamsburg living history park in Virginia

My apologies for deleting the footage from our Jamestown visit. It is a great museum. But on to Williamsburg. I have my issues with this park, like the way that they force you to
buy tickets only at certain places but you have to have tickets for a LOT of activities. But I get ahead of myself.

I remember going to Colonial Williamsburg with my dad at about the same age as the boys are now. We had a great time and I didn’t have to pay for myself. Now I do and the ticket prices are expensive. The three of us would cost a bit over $80 for the day. HOWEVER, we lucked into the Homeschool Days discount which only cost us $32. It took us a bit to find where to get our special tickets but it was worth the annoyance. The living history actors were as great as I remembered them and this time I had a ton of questions to ask. Colonial Williamsburg is big. It’s about 1 mile by a 1/2 mile bu they have a shuttle bus from the parking and ticket areas. The boys asked a ton of questions too and most of the actors were very nice. A few weren’t. We also didn’t get to see several things because you have to get special tickets or go at a special time and I found it all very complex and confusing. Some of the tickets are free and many are not. There are lots of chances to spend money on extras if that is what you are looking for, like wagon rides, ax throwing, musket firing, or plays, etc. We managed to have a good time anyway. The best part about Colonial Williamsburg was that it’s near so many other historic places such as Jamestown and Yorktown. Just down the road is Norfolk and Hampton Rhodes with lots of maritime museums and things to see.
As a homeschool destination, I would say go to Colonial Williamsburg only if your kids can give it the whole day or if you catch the homeschool discounts. Here are some homeschool resources for Virginia to find various times and events for VA museums and parks.




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