Social Security, Musk, SCOTUS, Trump, Putin, Ukraine, Spirit Guides Answer Questions 6- 30- 22

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Your Questions:
This is a weird question, but I’ve been thinking about Mike Pence since your last Q&A. I think it was his counsel who said during the Jan 6 hearings that Pence & his team would often pray together & ask for divine guidance. Is he divinely guided?

Angelyn Williams • 17 hours ago
Hi Susan, l recently read where the former Attorneys General of South Dakota was impeached for misusing state resources. He says the governor, Kristi Noem used her power to help her daughter and also misused state funds too. Is she going to face impeachment?

Will Social Security survive as the main way to provide income for seniors, or will it go through a radical transformation as our society reworks all the other institutions that need to be changed as our consciousness evolves.

Patricia M • 23 hours ago
Will TFG be found to be an illegit POTUS and if so, will the SCOTUS he appointed be removed?

Have courage Be kind • 12 hours ago
Can we talk about what Malcolm Nance warned us about? I ordered the book after watching his interview and forwarding to you. I felt an urgency for folks to know so it puts fire under asses that need to get up and vote. Prayers up

Gillian Payne •
Hi Susan, would you please ask your guides if the Democrats will effectively remedy the ‘safety gaps’ revealed in the election process and the failed coup before the 2024 election. If not, will the Republicans attempt a 2024 coup and what will be the outcome?

Hi Susan, Thanks for coming on. Whay will happen to the repub staes who won’t certify their elections? Will they be forced to certify them like in New Mexico?

Hi susan, would you ask if the supreme court would uphold a women’s/families rights to medical/physical/socio-economic damages due to forced birth? Would you ask if the supreme court would uphold damages to family in death of woman forced to carry a child? Thank you.

Nancy TheWaterChick
LOVE YOU AND YOUR GUIDES!!! OK, Susan, will older women, you know the ones who fought the first time around, step up? Will these 60+ start getting employed and/or businesses that grow the power of the oppressed, start being heard? Will we spread our wings and protect all the folks under threat?

Martha Spillman
Hi Susan, I’m wondering if the filibuster will be abolished (or set aside temporarily after the mid-terms) in order to get legislation passed with a simple majority.

Will the FDA take action on re-evaluating toxic “indirect additives” they allow into the food supply like PFAS “forever chemicals” used on manufacturing equipment and plastics? There’s lots of movement with NGOs pressing them on these issues this year to make our food supply safer.

Karen Eddinger
Hi Susan! Will the judges who have been doing the federalist society’s bidding will ever be held accountable for this betrayal. Also, Will the federalist society ever be held accountable?

Pat Boyette
Hi Susan. I would like to know the energy around Abigail Spanberger’s chances of winning her Congressional seat from the 7th district in VA.

Dawn Paap
Hi Susan! Is there anyway you can share which Republicans will be voted out during the midterms? Thank you!

Helena Helena
Again I ask about Ukraine – so many affected by this. I keep praying for a good ending.

The horrific attack on a Ukrainian shopping mall has resulted in obvious worldwide condemnation, my question is, when will this end?

Joan Aurora
Will the ruling on coaches praying be overturned? We all know a Muslim coach would not likely get the same warm welcome.

What is going to become of the 3rd ranking house republican, Elise Stefanik (NY). She identifies herself as “ultra” MAGA. What will happen to her political career?

Will Gavin Newsom run for president against DeSatan in 2024?

lucky Heroine
Is SC Justice I like Beer in debt again? Will it ever come out who or whom paid his previous debts off?

daniel barczewski
Congress added money to the healthcare exchange for 2 years to keep prices down will they pass a bill to add more money before people have to enroll this year

Annie M
Do you see Lee Zelden or Kathy Hochul becoming the Gov. of NY in Nov.?

Melinda Salinas
What kind of damaging information will the British doc show about Trump?


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