MetaZoo Weekly News – June 25: Time to WEIGH in on a few topics!

We had our 1st MetaZoo Hour in almost 3 weeks! There are also a lot of big moves in MetaZoo this week that we need to discuss as well as some product drama!

Immortal Workshop:
Looking to buy some MetaZoo product? Now you can support Immortal Workshop AND the channel at the same time! Use my affiliate link below!

Immortal Workshop is new to the scene, having been founded this year… launching as a virtual LGS based out of Virginia.

If you’re a Northern Virginia local, be on the lookout for some fun events on the MetaZoo Play Network from Immortal Workshop. []

Immortal Workshop’s June 19th Event on the MPN:
The next subscriber giveaway milestone is when we hit 750 subscribers!

We’ll be giving way a Wilderness Spellbook and other goodies once we hit that goal!
Music by Raincoat…
Need to send me something? I have a PO Box now!

PO Box 360
Contoocook, NH 03229
#metazoo #tcg #nft

0:00 Intro
0:23 UFO Product Updates
1:38 UFO Pin Club
4:36 Ultra Pro
5:03 UFO Lunchbox
5:33 SCP Foundation
6:09 UFO Preorders
7:01 Channel Fireball
10:27 Community Metal Cards
11:31 Last Weeks Trivia
12:18 EpicTubeHD Trivia
14:08 Is Topps Wilderness Weighable?
18:22 MetaZoo Hour
24:13 Outro


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