Learning About Watersheds in Virginia with Hungary Creek Middle School 6th Graders

What do you know about Watersheds? What will it take to Save the Bay? Check out this video produced by 6th grade students from Hungary Creek Middle School of Henrico County Public Schools, Virginia. They produced this Watershed Project video to share what they have learned while participating in a NOAA B-WET Grant. The program, Bay Watershed in Science Education (BWISE), pairs community partners with Henrico middle school 6th grade students and teachers to inspire them to take action to improve their local watershed and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. As part of the Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEEs), students and teachers explore project-based learning, cross-curricular problem solving and critical thinking. 6th grade students partnered with VPM’s Science Matters and Light House Studio to learn how to produce a video about what they have learned and to call into action other students. What can you do to protect your watershed?


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