Elaine Speaks On Amber Heard Blaming Her For Defeat

Elaine Speaks On Amber Heard Blaming Her For Defeat

A lot of people on social media called out Elaine Bredehoft for her supposed incompetence during the trial and after the trial. But what does Amber Heard think of her lawyer? Does she blame her for the defeat?

Days after the verdict was given, Elaine was back in court to represent Amber once again, and apparently, things didn’t go so well. She said that her client was moving forward with an appeal and the judge told her that in order to do so Amber had to file a bond. A reporter who was onsite said about the bond, “Elaine Bredehoft was also wanting to address this bond that has to be filed by Amber Heard in order to appeal the case and so she wanted to discuss that as well in a post-trial motion. I should say the judge basically said well you can address whatever you want but you have to file the bond and that bond would be the $8.35 million plus six percent interest per year and the judge basically made no bones about it she said if you want to appeal you have to file that money in order to do so.”

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