Dynamite | REMASTERED Full Classic Movie | Drama | William Gargan | Virginia Welles | Richard Crane

Gunner is a veteran at working with dynamite and is working for Jake. Slowly he becomes romantically interested in Jake’s daughter Mary.
1949 Hollywood Classic
A.K.A. Hard To Kill, Hard To Handle

Cast: William Gargan, Virginia Welles, Richard Crane
Director: William Pine

Long summary:
Gunner Peterson is a veteran dynamite man working for Jake and is romantically interested in Jake’s daughter Mary. Johnny Brown, son of Nellie Brown who operates a boarding house, finds college too tame after his stint with a demolition squad in the army, and decides to quit. Getting a job with Jake, he is soon resented by Gunner when he tries to introduce some new methods and also starts showing an interest in Mary. A truck loaded with dynamite gets away from Hard Rock Mason and the loss of the truck causes Jake to have to borrow money from Nellie to keep his business going. Hard Rock is killed in a blast which Gunner decides was his fault, since he wouldn’t listen to Johnny.

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