Crypto Bills and Oil Trade Deals

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Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is urging Australian businesses to bolster their resilience against Beijing’s alleged trade attacks.
Although he praises the Economy’s ability to withstand the competition, he believes we can do a lot more to hedge our position.

Greens are proposing a higher tax for Large companies and mining corporations which is reminiscent of a former Labor policy’s.

Government around the world is preparing to implement a Cryptocurrencie Bill creating commodity groups out of various blockchain technologies. By doing this any government would be able to issue
backed tokens or even set up an international reserve bank network.

Ethereum has taken a turn with the new EIP-1559 update rewarding minors with less fees and and having user fees transferred to gated wallets. this is done in an effort to portion the market cap with relation
to the user base.

The Tweed Heads town mayor is calling on the Queensland and NSW governments to shift border checkpoints
south and to lift the latter state’s regional lockdown to reunite his community.

Australian farmers and scientists are trialing new methods to improve soil moisture as the amount of seasonal rain is set to increase for many years to come. With lots of innovation in the industry such as,
hyperspectral sensors satellites in space monitoring for water resource management.
Farmers hope to be able to produce well into Australia’s Septennial seasons.

A coronial inquest is investigating the medical care provided to Miriuwung Gajerrong teenager Seth Yeeda who died in the West Kimberley
Regional Prison in 2018. Seth Yeeda’s family wants answers about the death in custody of the WA teenager who had a long history of chronic heart problems.

Iraq signed on Sunday a deal worth 27 billion U.S. dollars with French oil and gas company Total on four energy projects

Special forces soldiers appear on television, announcing they have ousted Guinea’s long-serving President Alpha Conde,
telling the West African nation they had dissolved its government and constitution and closed its land and air borders.

The Kabul Airport opened up over the weekend, with a technical team from Qatar setting up the
transfer of aid and domestic flights to nearby provinces.

Prince Andrew has until the 13th of September to answer to the accusations of Sexually Abusing Virginia Giuffe.
He has been able to avoid the 21 days notice due to not being approachable enough to be served with a court letter
Meaning the trial will be on his request of attendance in New York later in the year.

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