Bush Mill, Nichelsville Virginia Historic Watermill

Bush Mill started the current restoration in 2008.
Foundation has been restored. The interior of the mill has also been restored. The millstones have been re-sharpened, the millstone tubs were made by a local carpenter. The wood used in the restoration aspects of the mill, is long-leaf pine which is the wood believed to be used in the mill historically. The long-leaf pine is extremely strong, stronger than oak.
Bush Mill was a wheat and corn mill. The current mill building was built in 1896. Originally, the first site of this mill was built in 1833. Original permit for the damn was granted in 1831. The exterior of the mill was restored in the 1980’s.
Bush Mill is listed on the National Register of Historical Places.
Bush Mill was privately operated through the 1950’s. The owner of the mill sold it for $2,000 to the Future Farmer’s of America in Nichelsville. They raised tobacco to pay for the mill. The FFA started restoring the mill once they owned it.


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