A Sea of Red (Crypto News)

A Sea of Red (Crypto News)
Crypto News, Trends & Price Predictions
Krypto Kohrs

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00:00 Intro
01:39 A Sea of Red (Crypto New)
02:33 Coin Market Cap Check
07:25 CPI #’s Are in…
11:48 Inflation is the Problem, BTC is the Solution?
13:32 Do People Care That Bill Gates Isn’t Bullish on Crypto?
13:51 Janet Yellen Gets Crypto Photobombed
14:28 Bitcoin Headlines
18:12 Say No To Central Bank Digital Currencies?
20:14 Goldman Sachs to Offer Crypto Options?
21:36 International Crypto Adoption
23:38 LimeWire Coming Back?
25:00 FTX is for the People
27:00 ETH 2.0 Total Stake So Far

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