Va daw Singapore poi Biryani sapidlam🤤😂 | Idris Explores | Food Review Tamil | #Shorts

Va daw Singapore poi Biryani sapidlam🤤😂 | Food Review Tamil | Idris Explores | #Shorts | #IdrisExplores #FoodReviewTamil #SingaporeTamil |
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*Restaurant Location : Allauddin’s Biryani Pte Ltd, #01-229 Tekka Centre, Little India, Singapore *

*Price : $6 (Singapore Dollar) which is 315 Indian Rupees!*

– Singapore and Malaysia Style Biryani –

What is Nasi Biryani?

Nasi Biryani is a Singapore and Malaysia style Biryani that is prepared quite differently from the traditional biryani methods like “Dum Biryani”.

Nasi Biryani is simply Biryani Rice and Masala cooked separately and served together.

There is no “dum” or “sealed method” of cooking involved when preparing the Malaysia and Singapore (style) Biryani.

My Review :

Thé Nasi Biryani I ate was drizzled with Fried Onions and delicious Cashews! Every bite tasted heavenly, with the fragrant basmati rice used. The rice had a great aroma and taste and when mixed with the mutton curry/gravy, it tasted heavenly. – Biryani along with the fried onions and cashews was a delicious combination. The mutton pieces were really tender and juicy- Overall a must try Biryani!

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