๐Ÿšจ SECRET contact method gets stalled VA disability claims rated FAST!

In this quick video, we answer a question from a veteran that was asked during our live Q&A on the VA disability claims process. The question essentially was “Why is my VA claim taking so long and what can I do about It?” VA Accredited Claims Agent Carmella George shares her expert opinion on this question. Watch to the end for the link to the VERA system.

If you’re a veteran and have any questions about VA disability claims or maximizing your VA benefits, leave a comment or check out the links below for further help. ๐Ÿค“

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Carmella N. George is a VA Accredited Claims Agent. She is the founder and CEO of Jacksonville Veterans Disability Services. Carmella is widely sought after for her claims expertise and has advised thousands of veterans since 2009. On this channel she shares valuable information for veterans that helps with disability claims and maximizing VA benefits. If you’re a veteran who wants to learn more about your VA disability benefits, this is the channel for you.


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