Vox Sambou Restitution Reparations for Haiti

One of my favorite artists is a gentleman from Limbé, North of Haiti. His name is Vox Sambou.

This brief video is a prime example of why I consider this brother to be worthy of world fame and respect.

On Thursday June 16, 2022, in the middle of his Ottawa performance, Vox offers a brief but powerful insight to his audience about Haiti’s long overdue restitution and reparations demand to the French former colonizers and enslavers. It was done with such power, class and Haitianness.

The great Nina Simone never ceased to remind us “the artist’s duty is to reflect the time”. Thank you Vox for doing our ancestors mightily proud.
Kontinye simen bon semans ti frè m, Soleyam ak Nouini va rekòlte.

For more about Haiti’s Resitution and Reparations case, consult Dr. Marlene Daut’s brief but so insightful “What the French Truly Owe Haiti”


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