Drone Crash Study Virginia Tech And Smallest GoPro Drone News And One Plus Month of DJI Support

Today I read a lot of news about a drone crash study from Virginia tech which shows that a lot of drones may be already safe to fly over people. As well there were comments on how I should build my own drone and as a result I read about the world’s smallest GoPro drone that was custom made.

I also reflect on how it has been over one month since I sent my Mavic Pro back to DJI with no immediate answers to my questions as of yet.

Custom Made Small GoPro Drone:

Vlog #263

Current Equipment Used For Filming:

Action Camera – Sony FDR-X3000:
Aerial Drone (UAV) – DJI Mavic Pro:
Polar Pro DJI Mavic Pro Cinema Series Filters:

Current Gaming Systems And Accessories:

Nintendo Switch Console:
Pokemon Go Plus:

Connect With Me –


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