Virginia Stagni: Business Development Podcast | What is a Career in Business Development?

#BusinessDevelopment is the career up for discussion on today’s podcast! Tune in to discuss the journey of a Business Development Manager, Virginia Stagni. Join me in discovering the importance of testing ideas, being audience-focused and much more only on #TheCareerShow. Learn more about a #BusinessDeveloper and the Business Development career by listening to the best Business Development Podcast on YouTube!

Virginia develops businesses by focusing on disruptive projects, strategic innovation and social impact. She currently works as a Business Development Manager at the Financial Times. She is a source of innovation and energy across the media business – uncovering new opportunities for the Financial times to be successful. She has recently been awarded the 30 under 30 award by the International News Media Association as part of their Young Professionals Initiative. She is also listed as a Future Leader by Digiday in 2016.

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Introduction: (0:00)
Finding her niche in the industry of her choice: (1:48)
Writing to Chief Commercial Officer of Financial Times: (4:25)
Entrepreneurship leading to “Intrapreneurship”: (8:10)
Job Responsibilities of a Business Developer: (11:40)
Tips to present your ideas to your team: (14:53)
Working on feedback to build your business idea: (17:51)
Importance of being passionate towards your idea: (20:17)
Tips on building creativity: (23:09)
Financial Times Talent Challenges – APPLICATIONS OPEN NOW: (26:11)
Important advice to note: (29:47)
Conclusion: (32:31)
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