E28: Stagflation, Android Trojan 'Vultur', APT29 back at it, Crypto news and updates + Stock Picks

In Episode 28, Syed gets you up to speed on the latest technology and infosec news featuring more cyber warfare and social engineering news.

Stagflation is a term thrown around, but not many know what it actually means. At 14:21, this term is explained in simple terms by Deepak.

The crew transitions into Crypto news and updates at 19:50.

To end off, Deepak and Syed review their stock picks from last week, and give new picks for this upcoming trading week.

0:00 – Intro and Agenda
2:22 – Justice Department Says Russians Hacked Federal Prosecutors
3:10 – Android Banking Trojan ‘Vultur’ Abusing Accessibility Services

4:30 – Russia’s APT29 Still Actively Delivering Malware Used in COVID-19 Vaccine Spying

6:06 – New Chinese Threat Group ‘GhostEmperor’ Targets Governments, Telecom Firms

7:10 – With help from Google, impersonated website pushes malware

10:04 – Israel believes Iran struck the ship in response to the cyberattack on the train system

10:28 – Zoom settles US class action privacy lawsuit for $86m

11:05- Elon Musk: ‘I don’t want to be CEO of anything’

11:47 – Didi: Chinese ride-hailing giant denies plans to go private

13:02 – Anti-5G campaigners vow to fight on after a legal setback

13:37 – WhatsApp makes an important change on iPhone and Android

14:21 – Stagflation

19:50 – Cryptocurrency being used for vacation getaways

24:30 – Changes to KYC for crypto by EU?

27:42 – Bitcoin miners moving from China to Paraguay?

30:13 – China, Bitcoin Hashrate explained

31:40 – Stock Picks

31:50 – Mcdonald’s (MCD)

33:00 – Pzifer (PFE)

34:20 – Visa (V)

35:44 – Apple (AAPL)

37:20 – Tesla (TSLA)



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