Cost Of Living EXPERIMENT | Washington D.C. vs. Northern Virginia – CHIPOTLE EDITION

COST OF LIVING – Washington D.C. vs. Northern Virginia (VA). Does CHIPOTLE determine how wealthy you are? We find out in this cost of living EXPERIMENT, D.C. vs. VA! I go out and find housing prices, gas prices, and MORE to determine the cost of living.

Cost of living is a big mystery to a lot of people. So many things go into the cost of living in a specific location – housing prices, the housing marked, oil prices, gas prices, food prices, and more! I go out in Northern VA and Washington DC (Georgetown) to see how cost of living and living expenses change! Will they increase from VA to DC or vice versa? You won’t believe how much a $1 Million price tag on a house gets you in Northern Virginia vs. Georgetown DC.

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